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Wed, Oct. 8th, 2008, 07:01 pm
tttrial: fieldrecordings from top-40.org

You're now about to enjoy like 100% non-rock'n'roll music.... Field recordings album
called Sounds and images from Crete released at top-40.org netlabel

Audio-album + 2 photo galleries, all distributed for free under Creative Commons (by-nc-nd 3.0). On the release page you'll find the full story in english and russian, short preview and various download options.

With this album you'll be acoustically teleported to the sunny Greek island Crete, where we spent an unforgettable week in the summer of 2008. We tried really hard not only to make a report from our trip, but to reproduce the atmosphere of the amazing places, where we've been read the full story...

We don't have a chance to include everything we want in one album, so en extra recording with lovely sounds of breaking waves is available as a separate release Ordinary sounds of the sea at Quietzone netlabel (quietzone.in) alongside with a DVD, filmed during this journey. Watching the beautiful seascapes with Quietzone music will relax and calm down your mind, which is utterly important in our hard times.